Detroit scenery

About This Site

About This Site

This site is devoted to the practice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in the Eastern District of Michigan.  Our goal is also to help promote greater awareness of the area served by this office and provide information of general assistance to everyone in our community.  The pictures on this site are provided to highlight areas of interest in the area covered by this office.  Inclusion on this site is not meant to imply that the place shown has any involvement with bankruptcy.  All pictures are copyright 2013 by Rich Collins, unless otherwise indicated.

Entrance to the Guardian Building

The Guardian Building makes extensive use of Pewabic Pottery in the tile work.

Street art at the Eastern Market

The Eastern Market is home to dozens of murals that celebrate the culture and history of the area.

American Coney Island

American Coney Island was founded by Gust Keros in 1917.

An Eastern Market institution

Wigley's Corned Beef has been sold in the Eastern Market since 1924.

Soldiers and Sailers Monument

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is located in Campus Martius.

The Savoyard Centre

The Savoyard Centre has had a building on it since 1779.

The historic Guardian Building

The architecture and design elements of the Guardian Building make it a unique skyscraper on the city skyline.

Rodan's Thinker at the DIA

This copy of Rodan's Thinker stands at the entrance to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Cobo Hall

Cobo Hall, located where Cadillac landed in 1701, has been the site of many historic conventions, concerts and other gatherings.

Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum houses collections dating back to the 1700's.

Part of the "Industry" murals at the DIA

Diego Rivera painted the Industry murals from 1932 - 1933.

Spirit of Detroit

The bronze Spirit of Detroit statue is one of the best known landmarks in the city.

Joe Louis

This statue of Joe Louis is in the lobby of Cobo Hall.

Veterans Memorial dedication

Formerly the Veterans Memorial Building, the building now houses the UAW-Ford National Programs Center

Mariner's Church and the Tunnel to Canada

The Mariner's Church is located near the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

We call it POP!

Detroit soda institutions, Vernors began making ginger ale in 1880 and Faygo pop production began in 1911.

Examples of Pewabic Pottery

The historic Guardian Building was built between 1928 - 1929.

Old Fire HQ

The old Detroit Fire Department Headquarters was built in 1929.

150 years of cider

Yates Cider Mill has been operating since 1863.

Street art at the Eastern Market

Detroit's Eastern Market first opened in 1841.

Part of the "Industry" murals at the DIA

The Industry Murals are in the central courtyard of The Detroit Insitute of Arts

Joe Louis "Fist" Monument

The Monument to Joe Louis was donated to the city by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Lafayette Coney

Lafayette Coney Island was founded by Bill Keros, brother of Gust Keros.

The Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo opened in 1928.

Part of the "Industry" murals at the DIA

Part of the world famous Diego Rivera Industry murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts.