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  • Change in Disbursement Dates
    Due to conflicts caused by the resumption of Status Conferences, we are changing the disbursement dates for the rest of the year as follows:
    • December 6 to December 8
  • 341 and Court Calendars
    Click HERE to review the call-in information and case lists for upcoming dockets  
  • Who Does What
    Click here for the latest Who Does What staff directory, effective October 27, 2022.  Read more arrow
  • Trustee Fee FY 2023
    Effective October 1, 2022, the US Trustee Program has established the Trustee Fee for cases administered by David Ruskin at 9%.  This amount can fluctuate during the course of a fiscal year as well as during the life of a Plan. We encourage the use of a rate of 10% when calculating cases to account for fluctuations in the fee during the life of the Plan.  
  • Status Conferences for Judge Oxholm
    Updated 8/18/22: Reinstatement of Status Conferences for Judge Oxholm.  Please click HERE for details about the new status conferences process.  Read more arrow
  • Notice Regarding Status Conferences and Contested Dockets
    Please click the links below for instructions for each Judge related to cases administered by our office.    
  • Future 341 Dockets and Court Hearing Dates List for 2022 (Updated November 2021)
    Click here to download a list of all the updated upcoming 341 Meeting dates, as well as hearing dates for Judge Oxholm and Judge Gretchko for our office.  This document can also be found in the "Office Calendar" section in each tab.  Read more arrow
  • BK-Documents (Updated 1/3/22)
    Effective November 30th, 2021, our office will no longer accept documents at dwrfinancials@det13.com.  We will be using bkdocs.us  (fka: 13Documents.com).  This service is free and more robust than the old "email reader".  There is a "quickstart" guid in the Forms section under Attorneys.  We WILL continue to receive documents at ruskin.orders@det13.com and ruskin.stips@det13.com.  Contact rich@det13.com if you have issues joining or uploading documents with BKDocs.  
    NOTE:  This letter and some forms have changed - please review for updated information! Click here to review information on how our office will be conducting matters scheduled for hearing and 341 Meetings of Creditors.    Read more arrow
  • Detroit area Ch 7 Trustee Contact list (2021)
    Click here for an updated Detroit area Ch 7 Trustee contact list.  Please note that our office did not create this list, nor does our office maintain it.  We provide it here as a courtesy to the bankruptcy community.  Read more arrow
  • Joint Memo Regarding Periodic Billing Statements in Bankruptcy
    Click here to read a Joint Memo from the Eastern and Western District Chapter 13 Trustees regarding Amendments to the Consumer Protection Bureau's Mortgage Servicing Rule regarding Periodic Billing Statements in Bankruptcy.  A sample of the Statement is attached to the memo.  Read more arrow
  • Ch 13 Trustee Memo on Bateson
    Click here for a memo outlining how Chapter 13 Trustees in Eastern District of Michigan will handle funds in cases dismissed post-confirmation as required by the Bateson decision.  Read more arrow
  • Notice Regarding Stipulations  Read more arrow