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    NOTE:  This letter and some forms have changed - please review for updated information! Click here to review information on how our office will be conducting matters scheduled for hearing and 341 Meetings of Creditors.  
  • Working from home
    Our staff are working from home for the next several weeks.   Please contact our staff via email instead of by phone as it will be easier for them to respond.  Our staff email addresses are  You can find the names of our employees on the Who Does What, available on a link on this page. This is a new experience for our staff and it will take us a bit to get used to handling business in this way.  We appreciate your patience as we get the process ironed out.
  • End of Word Perfect support
    Reminder: Per Administrative Order 19-05, Administrative Order Amending ECF Procedures 2(1) and 7(b), the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan will no longer accept documents in Word Perfect format effective 10/1/2019.  Our office will reject any documents sent to us in that format starting with the effective date of the Order.   In concurrence with this Order, our office will no longer accept Word Perfect documents.   Please update your documents if you still use Word Perfect.  
  • Schedule Outages (Updated 6/30/2020)
    On Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 our office will be changing phone service providers.  All of our phones will be down that day as we make the transition between providers.  All extensions will remain the same and service should resume in time for business at 9AM on Wednesday morning.  At 3PM on Friday, July 10th, 2020 our office will be changing internet service providers.  Our staff is still working from home and will not be able to access case management software.   Our website will also be unavailable until the changes propagate across the internet.  We expect that all services will return to normal by Saturday the 11th. Thank you for your patience as we make these changes.
  • Updated Who Does What (3/31/2020)
    Our Who Does What has been updated to reflect changes in our Paralegal Department.  Please download the latest copy and distribute it in your office.