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  • End of Word Perfect support
    Reminder: Per Administrative Order 19-05, Administrative Order Amending ECF Procedures 2(1) and 7(b), the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan will no longer accept documents in Word Perfect format effective 10/1/2019.  Our office will reject any documents sent to us in that format starting with the effective date of the Order.   In concurrence with this Order, our office will no longer accept Word Perfect documents.   Please update your documents if you still use Word Perfect.  
  • Now Hiring!
    Our office is now hiring for a full time paralegal position.  Please visit the Employment Opportunities section of the "Others" page of this site for details.
  • Updated Who Does What (10/17/2019)
    Our Who Does What has been updated to reflect changes in our Paralegal Department.  Please download the latest copy and distribute it in your office.    
  • Joint Winter 2019-2020 Office Closing and Document Deadlines for Krispen S. Carroll, Tammy Terry, David Wm. Ruskin
    Please click on the attachment for a list of dates the Joint Chapter 13 Trustees (Krispen S. Carroll, Tammy Terry, David Wm. Ruskin) offices will be closed this winter and when documents will be due for January 2020 dockets.