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About the Confirmation Hearing

  • The Confirmation Hearing allows the Judge to decide if the Plan is feasible and otherwise meets legal requirements for confirmation.
  • The Plan is reviewed at court by your lawyer, the Trustee, and interested creditors to resolve minor issues before the Judge hears the case.
  • If all issues are resolved before the day of the hearing, parties need not appear (check with your lawyer!).
  • Once the the Plan is confirmed, the Trustee begins sending money to creditors.
  • Sometimes, a plan may be modified based on changed circumstances.
  • Expect the Confirmation Hearing process to take 2-3 hours.
  • There are a number of public parking spaces around the building where the Confirmation Hearings are conducted.
    • The Trustee does not recommend any particular parking facility and does not validate parking.
    • Parking can cost up to $15 for the day (bring cash!).
  • Tip: bring your lawyer’s contact information with you to court.