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About the §341 Meeting of Creditors

Shortly after your case was filed the Court mailed out a document called a "Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines."  This document summarizes information about your case and is mailed to all parties involved in the case.  Among the dates listed on this document is the date of your Meeting of Creditors (the "341").


  • The 341 is an opportunity for the Trustee and other parties in the case to ask questions and gather information about your case.
  • When you arrive at the 341 Meeting Room there will be a short orientation program presented by the Trustee and his staff.
  • The actual 341 Meeting will take place in a smaller room after the orientation.
  • There will be calendars placed on the walls and Trustee staff will assist you with finding the correct room.
  • The 341 Meeting is recorded and the recording is kept by the United States Trustee Program.
    • Note that the 341 Meeting is not conducted by the Bankruptcy Court.
  • Your Plan cannot be confirmed without a 341 Meeting being concluded.
  • In order to conclude your 341 Meeting you must:
    • Provide government issued photo ID and  Social Security Card
    • Provide income verification documents.
      • Your attorney will tell you what to provide.
  • There are mandatory questions that are asked to confirm your identity and that our office has entered your information correctly, as well as to confirm the accuracy of your Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs.
  • This is followed by a series of questions by the Trustee regarding issues found during a review of your case.
    • Your attorney was provided with a list of these issues the week before the 341 Meeting and should be prepared to discuss them with you.
  • Any creditors or other parties present will then be able to ask you questions about your case.
  • Once the 341 Meeting is concluded you are free to go.
    • Expect the process to take about 2-3 hours (including orientation and the 341).
  • There are a number of public parking spaces around the building where the 341 Meetings are conducted.
    • The Trustee does not recommend any particular parking facility and does not validate parking.
    • Parking can cost up to $15 for the day (bring cash!).