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  • Attorney Forum Meeting
    The 2018 Attorney Forum will be held at the Offices of David Wm. Ruskin on February 19, 2018 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  See the attachment for more details.
  • Ch 13 Trustee Memo on Bateson
    Click here for a memo outlining how Chapter 13 Trustees in Eastern District of Michigan will handle funds in cases dismissed post-confirmation as required by the Bateson decision.
  • Change to Notice of Plan Underfunding
    Click here for information about changes in our policy regarding Notice of Plan Underfunding.
  • Debtor Handbook Revised (revised 1/26/18)
    The Debtor Handbook has been revised.  Please feel free to download a copy from the Forms sections of this website for personal use or to distribute to clients.
  • Joint Memo Regarding Periodic Billing Statements in Bankruptcy
    Click here to read a Joint Memo from the Eastern and Western District Chapter 13 Trustees regarding Amendments to the Consumer Protection Bureau's Mortgage Servicing Rule regarding Periodic Billing Statements in Bankruptcy.  A sample of the Statement is attached to the memo.
  • New Fee Order
    The Chapter 13 Trustees of the Eastern District of Michigan have released a new standard Form Order Approving Fees.  Please visit the Forms page of the Attorneys section for more information.
  • New Form Chapter 13 Plan
    The Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan has entered Administrative Order 17-04 regarding the use of a Local Form for a Chapter 13 Plan.  Click here to download the Court Notice.
  • Revised Forms
    Click here for information about revised forms on our website.
  • Site Updates
    The following pages have been updated on the web site:
    Office Calendar for 2018
    Disbursement Dates for 2018 with best effort dates
    EFT withdrawal dates with document deadlines.
  • Trustee Fee 2019
    Effective October 1, 2018, the US Trustee Program has established the Trustee Fee for cases administered by David Ruskin at 8.5%.  This amount can fluctuate during the course of a fiscal year as well as during the life of a Plan. We encourage the use of a higher rate when calculating cases to account for these changes.
  • Updated Forms
    Click here for more information on updated forms.
  • Updated Who Does What (09/21/2018)
    Our Who Does What has been updated to reflect changes in our Data Processing Department.  Please download the latest copy and distribute it in your office.    
  • Winter 2018 Office Closing Dates and Document Deadlines
    Please download the attached document for a list of dates our office will be closed this winter and when documents will be due for January 2019 dockets.
  • Debtor Financial Education Workshops
    Updated Workshops for 2018!
  • New "no look fee" amount.
    Click here for a joint memo from the Detroit Chapter 13 Trustees regarding "no look" fees.
  • Notice Regarding Stipulations
  • Have you signed up for Attorney Fees paid via EFT?
    Click here to read about the Electronic Disbursement program!
  • Revised Questions to Ask Debtors at the 341 (UPDATED April 2016)
    Click here to read about the revised "Questions to ask at the 341" form.
  • Ford Motor Payroll Deduction Address
  • Updated Ch 7 Trustee Contact Info
    Click this article for information about submitting documents to Ch 7 Trustees.