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PDF Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement - Fees by EFT (354.0319)

PDF Word Fee Application Order (321.0317)

PDF Word Fee Application Order Instructions (322.0317)

PDF Word Retention of Non-Bankruptcy Counsel (355.0319)

Borrowing Money & Loan Modifications

PDF Word Credit - Stipulation and Order to Incur - not for car (349.0219)

PDF Word Mortgage Loan Modification - Permanent (356.0319)

PDF Word Mortgage Loan Modification - Trial (357.0319)

PDF Word Order Allowing Debtor To Obtain Credit for a Motor Vehicle (335.0319)

Computer Access to Trustee Database

PDF 13Network Agreement Forms

PDF 13Network Manual

National Data Center Web Site National Data Center

Discharge and Dismissal

PDF Word Disburse Funds Received Post Expiration


PDF ACH Checklist

PDF Agreement for Preauthorized Payments-Enrollment Form (ACH) (350.0319)

PDF Agreement for Preauthorized Payments-Termination Form (ACH) (351.0319)

PDF Budget Form (requires legal sized paper)

PDF Budget Form Instructions

PDF Ch 7 Trustee Contact List (2019)

PDF Word Checklist - 90 Day Pre-Expiration

PDF Word Checklist - Plan Expiration

PDF Word Checklist - Yearly Case Review

Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court Form Domestic Support Obligation Certification

PDF Word Mailing Address Change

PDF Michigan Exemptions eff 2014

United States Court Form Personal Financial Management Certification (updated 12/4/15)

PDF Word Statement of Disinterestedness

PDF Suggested Procedure for Debtor Attorney at 341

Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court Form Third Party Payment (ACH)

Pleadings, Plans & Proofs of Claim

PDF Word Adequate Protection Payments (rev 8/2015)

PDF Word Filing Fees, Order to Pay from Funds on Hand

Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court Form Local Form Plan 10-24-17 v 1

PDF Word Notice of Creditor Address Change (302.0119) (Updated 3/14/19))

Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court Form Order Confirming Plan

PDF Word Order Consolidating Ch 13 Cases

PDF Word Order Converting Case (313.1116)

PDF Word Order Modifying Plan (300-1.1016) (Updated 12/4/18)

PDF Word Stipulation Adjourning Hearing Other than 341 or Confirmation (320.0217) (Updated 11/21/18)

PDF Word Stipulation Extending Time to File Documents (333.0818)

PDF Word Stipulation For Entry of Order for Adequate Protection (323.0417)

PDF Word Stipulation for Entry of Order Modifying Plan (300.1016) (Uploaded 12/4/18)

US Court Forms Transfer of Claim

Tax Matters

PDF Word Alter Tax Withholdings/Exemptions

PDF Order Pay Tax Refund Obligations after Expiration of Plan with Funds on Hand