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341 Meeting of Creditors

The 341 Meeting of creditors is one of the crucial steps in the life of a Chapter 13 case.  It is an opportunity for creditors and the Trustee to ask questions of the debtor and it starts the clock for many other events.


341 Case Preparation and Status Sheets by Email

Our office reviews cases for 341 14 days before the scheduled hearing date.  Firms that have signed up for Status Sheets by Email (see link below) will receive a copy of our status sheet approximately 10 days before the 341.  This will provide an opportunity to review questions and issues spotted by the Trustee's office in advance of the Meeting.  Note that we enroll only one email address per firm in the Status Sheets by Email program.  We recommend that offices set up a generic email address that can be access by all of the employees involved in the 341 process.


Questions to Ask at the Meeting of Creditors

There are a series of questions that the Debtor Attorney must ask the Debtor(s) at every 341 hearing.  These questions must be stated and answered on the record in order for the 341 to be concluded.  Please download a copy of these questions at the link below.  Updated April 2016.


Income Verification

Our office requires Income Verification Documents to be submitted no later than 14 days before the 341.  These documents must be submitted to the Trustee in order for the 341 to be concluded.  Please download the document at the link below for more information on the required documents.  See the "Sending Debtor Financial Documents to the Trustee" section below for how to transmit Income Verification documents to our office.


Sending Debtor Financial Documents to the Trustee

We have created a special email address to receive income verification documents and other sensitive case information.  This email address has special requirements for the email as well as the attached document.  Please see the link below for detailed inforamtion on how and when to send debtor financial information to this address.

Adjourning a 341 Before the Meeting Date

There are Two ways to adjourn a 341 before the scheduled Meeting date:

  1. Request an adjournment by phone 10 days or more prior to the Meeting date.
    1. Refer to our Who Does What for contact information.
    2. The new 341 date must be provide 24 notice for the new Meeting date.
    3. The new 341 date must be before the Confirmation Hearing.
    4. The Debtor attorney must file and serve the Stipulation and Order for the new 341 date.
  2. If a new date cannot be obtained within the guidelines above then the Attorney may appear at the 341 and request an adjournment on the record.