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  • Bankruptcy FUNdamentals
    Click here to learn more about the four part "Bankruptcy FUNdamentals" series of workshops.
  • Ch 13 Trustee Memo on Bateson
    Click here for a memo outlining how Chapter 13 Trustees in Eastern District of Michigan will handle funds in cases dismissed post-confirmation as required by the Bateson decision.
  • Change to Notice of Plan Underfunding
    Click here for information about changes in our policy regarding Notice of Plan Underfunding.
  • Debtor Handbook Revised
    The Debtor Handbook has been revised.  Please feel free to download a copy from the Forms sections of this website for personal use or to distribute to clients.
  • Disbursement Inquiry Returns to 13Network
    Our office is testing the new version of Disbursement Inquiry on the 13Network.  This program is not available on the 13Network for other offices.  Please contact if you encounter errors or discrepancies with the program.  Include screenshots if possible.
  • New Fee Order
    The Chapter 13 Trustees of the Eastern District of Michigan have released a new standard Form Order Approving Fees.  Please visit the Forms page of the Attorneys section for more information.
  • Now Hiring!
    Our office is now hiring for a paralegal position.  Please visit the Employment Opportunities section of the "Others" page of this site for details.
  • Planned Phone/Fax/Internet Outage - Updated!
    We will be having maintenance performed on our telephone, fax and internet services on Friday, 7/28, starting at 4PM.  All of these services will be down for several hours.  We will not be able to accept phone calls, faxes or email during the maintenance period.  We expect the systems to be down for several hours.  A notice will be posted when the services are up and running again. Service has been completed.  We are able to accept phone calls, faxes and emails.
  • Trustee Fee 2018
    Effective October 1, 2017, the US Trustee Program has established the Trustee Fee for cases administered by David Ruskin at 8.5%.  This amount can fluctuate during the course of a fiscal year as well as during the life of a Plan. We encourage the use of a higher rate when calculating cases to account for these changes.
  • Updated Who Does What (10/4/2017)
    Our Who Does What has been updated to reflect changes in our Paralegal Department.  Please download the latest copy and distribute it in your office.    
  • Debtor Financial Education Workshops
    The 2017 Workshop schedule is now available, updated as of 5/24/17.
  • New "no look fee" amount.
    Click here for a joint memo from the Detroit Chapter 13 Trustees regarding "no look" fees.
  • Notice Regarding Stipulations
  • Have you signed up for Attorney Fees paid via EFT?
    Click here to read about the Electronic Disbursement program!
  • Revised Questions to Ask Debtors at the 341 (UPDATED April 2016)
    Click here to read about the revised "Questions to ask at the 341" form.
  • Ford Motor Payroll Deduction Address
  • Updated Ch 7 Trustee Contact Info
    Click this article for information about submitting documents to Ch 7 Trustees.